Saturday, 14 March 2015

famous inventions-6


Denim, nylon, colored cotton, vinyl... the history behind these and other fabrics.


Learn the facinating story of how facebook was invented.

Fahrenheit Thermometer & Scale

What can be considered the first modern thermometer, the mercury thermometer with a standardized Fahrenheit scale, was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714.

Farm Related

Innovations related to farms, agriculture, tractors, cotton gin, reapers, plows, plant patents and more.


The history of clothing fasteners - buttons, lacing, zippers, snaps, velcro and more.

Fax/Fax Machine/Facsimile

The facsimile was invented in 1842 by Alexander Bain.

Ferris Wheel

The history of the ferris wheel.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics and the use of light to communicate.

Fig Newton Cookies

The history behind this tasty cookie.


The history of photographic film.


One of the first significant developments in forensic science was identification by fingerprinting.

Fire Prevention Related

The history of many fire fighting innovations.


The history of guns and firearms.

Fireplace (Rumford)

Count Rumford (aka Benjamin Thompson) invented the Rumford fireplace in 1796.

Fishing Related

The history of fishing, rods, reels, baits and more.


When the flashlight was invented the biblical quote of Let There Be Light was on the cover of the 1899 Eveready catalog.


The history of flight and the invention of the airplane including inventors Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Floppy Disk

Alan Shugart nicknamed the first disk - the "Floppy" for its flexibility.

Fluorescent Lamps

The history of fluorescent lights and mercury vapor arc lamps.

Fly Swatter

Who first used the term "fly swatter"?

Flying Machines

While air balloons allowed mankind to float inventors dreamed of making flying machines that would allow mankind to have controlled flight.

Flying Saucers

Yes, there are patents issued for flying saucers.

Flying Shuttle

John Kay invented the flying shuttle, an improvement to looms that enabled weavers to weave faster.

Foam Finger

The foam finger or foam hand is seen at many sporting events and political rallies.

Food Related

The history of food. The story behind soup, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and other foods.


The invention of football, American style.


Hacky Sack or Footbag is a modern American sport invented in 1972.

Forensic Science Related

The history of significant developments in forensic science.


The first high level programming language called fortran was invented by John Backus and IBM. See Also - Fortran GoTo

Fountain Pens

The history of fountain pens and other writing instruments.


The history of this famous kitchen appliance.

French Fries

"Potatoes, fried in the French Manner," is how Thomas Jefferson described a dish he brought over to the colonies in the late 1700s.

French Horns

The brass French horn was an invention based on early hunting horns.


In 1928, Thomas Midgley and Charles Kettering invented a "Miracle Compound" called Freon. Freon is now infamous for greatly adding to the depletion of the earth's ozone shield.


How the empty pie plates of the Frisbie Baking Company became the early prototype for the world's funniest sport.

Freeze Drying/Freeze Dried Foods

The basic process of freeze-drying foods were known to the Peruvian Incas of the Andes. Freeze drying is the removal of water from food while the food is frozen.

Frozen Foods

Clarence Birdseye found a way to flash-freeze foods and deliver them to the public - several decades of frozen history.

Fuel Cells

Fuel cells were invented in 1839 by Sir William Grove, and are now becoming the power source for the 21st century. 

Full Spectrum Lighting

John Ott was the pioneer of full spectrum lighting.