Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Bluetooth Backpack Speaker

Carry sound on your back!
Instead of using annoying traditional headphones, I decided I wanted to listen to my music without cords in my ear. My idea formed itself into a speaker on my backpack, it makes sense (I carry my backpack with me all the time) so I decided to make it. The result was an amazing product, now my friends can enjoy my music at the same time! The speaker is easy to make and for me was free (I had spare parts lying around)
For this project all you need is basic soldering skills!
Thats it! Time for step 1!

Step 1: Supplies

All you need for this project is
  1. A Cheap Backpack
  2. Speaker
  3. Bluetooth headset (any Bluetooth earpiece)
  4. Hot glue Gun
  5. Knife
  6. Soldering gun w/ solder
Thats about it! Thats how simple it is to make! For me I had all of these lying around so it was free to make. The bluetooth headset was a half working and was donated to me by a friend. For this project however, I provided a link to a cheaper more affordable unit.

Step 2: Pop of case to Headset

Begin by popping of case to Headset. Start with the battery and work your way to the earbuds.
  1. You'll notice that only one is wired to the bluetooth component, the other is wired to the first earbud. Remove the earbud without the Bluetooth, most likely this will the one without "buttons" or controls on it.
Picture one Is the removed earbud
Picture three is the earbud to keep
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Step 3: Break off earbud

Break off the earbuds speaker, we will rewire this later. The part to remove is the silver part. If you still cant tell, watch the video thats in the intro of this instructable. It walks through the steps of building this project
After you remove the tiny speaker, you will notice there is two TINY wires sticking out from the earbud (sorry hard to photograph). We will use this later
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Step 4: Connect Speaker to Earbud

After you remove the tiny speaker, you will notice there is two TINY wires sticking out from the earbud (sorry hard to photograph). We will use this later
Connect the + to + on the speaker and - to -
If there is no indicators, you may need to test the wires by simply pressing them together. Mine however had little indicators indicating positive or negative
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Step 5: Test if Bluetooth works

Connect the Bluetooth to your phone and play any sound to see if it works.
If no sound is coming out, you may need to repeat the previous steps until it works. Most likely your polarity is switched on your speaker
If it works, AWESOME! now we just need to put it in the backpack!
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Step 6: Insert Speaker

Trace the bottom part of your speaker driver onto the middle of your backpack and cut it out using your knife. All I did was cut out a big plus sign and jammed the speaker into place. Thats Pretty much all you need to do!
After sealing the speaker with hot glue, It started to look very nice. I cut another line to the right of the speaker in order to fit the control unit through. Your headset however might not have this.

Step 7: Jam to your music

Show your Jampack to the world. Blast your music anywhere your Jampack takes you. Most likely you will be the personal DJ for your group of friends who you show this to. Most people will be amazed that you made this and will try to play their music over your Jampack.