Friday, 20 March 2015

world's richest persons


This list is billionaire guaranteed!!! Not narrowed to one category, this list contains the richest people of the entire world. This list is purely based off of net worth and only contains individuals with a net worth that exceeds $1 billion. From business tycoons to the entertainment industry, anyone is eligible to make it as long as they have the cash. How many have you heard about?
Bill Gates Net Worth
 Bill Gates
$79.3 B59United States
Carlos Slim Net Worth
 Carlos Slim
$76.4 B75
Warren Buffett Net Worth
 Warren Buffett
$72.3 B84United States
Vladimir Putin Net Worth
 Vladimir Putin
$70 B62Russia
Amancio Ortega Net Worth
 Amancio Ortega
$66.6 B78Spain
The Mars Family Net Worth
 The Mars Family
$60 BUnited States
Larry Ellison Net Worth
 Larry Ellison
$54 B70United States
David Koch Net Worth
 David Koch
$43.1 B74
Charles Koch Net Worth
 Charles Koch
$43.1 B79United States
Christy Walton Net Worth
 Christy Walton
$41.2 BUnited States
Liliane Bettencourt Net Worth
 Liliane Bettencourt
$40.6 B92France
Jim Walton Net Worth
 Jim Walton
$39.8 B66United States
Alice Walton Net Worth
 Alice Walton
$38.7 B65United States
S. Robson Walton Net Worth
 S. Robson Walton
$38.3 B70United States
Bernard Arnault Net Worth
 Bernard Arnault
$37.7 B66France
Michael Bloomberg Net Worth
 Michael Bloomberg
$35.4 B73United States
Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth
 Mark Zuckerberg
$34.8 B30United States
Jeff Bezos Net Worth
 Jeff Bezos
$34.7 B51United States
Li Ka-shing Net Worth
 Li Ka-shing
$33.8 B86Canada
Li Hejun Net Worth
 Li Hejun
$30.6 B48China
Larry Page Net Worth
 Larry Page
$30.2 B41United States
King Bhumibol Adulyadej Net Worth
 King Bhumibol Adulyadej
$30 B87
Bhumibol Adulyadej King Of Thailand Net Worth
 Bhumibol Adulyadej King Of Thailand
$30 B87
Sergey Brin Net Worth
 Sergey Brin
$29.7 B41United States
Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Net Worth
 Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal
$28.9 B60
Forrest Mars Net Worth
 Forrest Mars
$27.2 B83United States
Forrest Mars Jr. Net Worth
 Forrest Mars Jr.
$27.2 B83United States
Jacqueline Mars Net Worth
 Jacqueline Mars
$27.2 B74
John Mars Net Worth
 John Mars
$27.2 B79United States
Jorge Paulo Lemann Net Worth
 Jorge Paulo Lemann
$26.3 B75Brazil
Stefan Persson Net Worth
 Stefan Persson
$25.6 B67
David Thomson Net Worth
 David Thomson
$25.5 B57Canada
Lee Shau Kee Net Worth
 Lee Shau Kee
$24.6 B87
George Soros Net Worth
 George Soros
$24.2 B84United States
Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Net Worth
 Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan
$23 B67
Carl Icahn Net Worth
 Carl Icahn
$22.8 B79United States
Sheldon Adelson Net Worth
 Sheldon Adelson
$22.8 B81
Phil Knight Net Worth
 Phil Knight
$22.3 B77United States
Philip Knight Net Worth
 Philip Knight
$22.3 B77United States
Dilip Shanghvi Net Worth
 Dilip Shanghvi
$22.2 B59India
Steve Ballmer Net Worth
 Steve Ballmer
$21.5 B58United States
John Walton Net Worth
 John Walton
$21 B68United States
Tadashi Yanai Net Worth
 Tadashi Yanai
$20.9 B66Japan
Mukesh Ambani Net Worth
 Mukesh Ambani
$20.3 B57India
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Net Worth
 Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
$20 B68
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Net Worth
 Sir Evelyn de Rothschild
$20 B83United Kingdom
Laurene Powell Jobs Net Worth
 Laurene Powell Jobs
$19.8 B51United States
Len Blavatnik Net Worth
 Len Blavatnik
$19.8 B57United States
Charles Ergen Net Worth
 Charles Ergen
$19.7 B62United States
Azim Premji Net Worth
 Azim Premji
$19.5 B69
Michael Dell Net Worth
 Michael Dell
$18.8 B50
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Net Worth
 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum
$18 B65
Paul Allen Net Worth
 Paul Allen
$17.5 B62
Susanne Klatten Net Worth
 Susanne Klatten
$17.2 B52Germany
Anne Cox Chambers Net Worth
 Anne Cox Chambers
$17.1 B95United States
Pallonji Mistry Net Worth
 Pallonji Mistry
$16.8 BIreland
Stefan Quandt Net Worth
 Stefan Quandt
$16.1 B48
Thomas and Raymond Kwok Net Worth
 Thomas and Raymond Kwok
$15.9 B63
Serge Dassault Net Worth
 Serge Dassault
$15.7 B89France
Francois-Henri Pinault Net Worth
 Francois-Henri Pinault
$15.7 B52France
Aliko Dangote Net Worth
 Aliko Dangote
$15.7 B57
Li Yanhong Net Worth
 Li Yanhong
$15.5 B46China
Ray Dalio Net Worth
 Ray Dalio
$15.4 B65United Kingdom
François-Henri Pinault Net Worth
 François-Henri Pinault
$15.4 B52France
Donald Bren Net Worth
 Donald Bren
$15.2 B82United States
Shiv Nadar Net Worth
 Shiv Nadar
$15.1 B69India
Vladimir Potanin Net Worth
 Vladimir Potanin
$14.9 B54Russia
Hinduja Brothers Net Worth
 Hinduja Brothers
$14.8 BUnited Kingdom
Francois Pinault Net Worth
 Francois Pinault
$14.8 B78France
Robin Li Net Worth
 Robin Li
$14.8 B46United States
Alisher Usmanov Net Worth
 Alisher Usmanov
$14.6 B61Russia
Ronald Perelman Net Worth
 Ronald Perelman
$14.6 B72United States
Mikhail Fridman Net Worth
 Mikhail Fridman
$14.6 B50Russia
Jack Taylor Net Worth
 Jack Taylor
$14.4 B92United States
Viktor Vekselberg Net Worth
 Viktor Vekselberg
$14.1 B58Russia
Rupert Murdoch Net Worth
 Rupert Murdoch
$14.1 B84United States
Priscilla Chan Net Worth
 Priscilla Chan
$14 B
James Simons Net Worth
 James Simons
$14 BUnited States
Dhanin Chearavanont Net Worth
 Dhanin Chearavanont
$13.9 B
Johanna Quandt Net Worth
 Johanna Quandt
$13.9 B88Germany
Iris Fontbona Net Worth
 Iris Fontbona
$13.8 B
German Larrea Mota Velasco Net Worth
 German Larrea Mota Velasco
$13.8 B73
Henry Sy Net Worth
 Henry Sy
$13.6 B90China
Hansjorg Wyss Net Worth
 Hansjorg Wyss
$13.6 B79
Cheng Yu-Tung Net Worth
 Cheng Yu-Tung
$13.6 B89
Lakshmi Mittal Net Worth
 Lakshmi Mittal
$13.5 B64India
Alexey Mordashov Net Worth
 Alexey Mordashov
$13.4 B49
David and Simon Reuben Net Worth
 David and Simon Reuben
$13.4 B45United Kingdom
Abigail Johnson Net Worth
 Abigail Johnson
$13.3 B53United States
James Goodnight Net Worth
 James Goodnight
$13.2 B72United States
George Kaiser Net Worth
 George Kaiser
$13.2 B72United States
Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi Net Worth
 Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi
$13 B70
Lee Kun-Hee Net Worth
 Lee Kun-Hee
$12.9 B73
Marcel Herrmann Telles Net Worth
 Marcel Herrmann Telles
$12.9 B65Brazil
Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor Net Worth
 Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor
$12.8 B63United Kingdom
Luis Carlos Sarmiento Net Worth
 Luis Carlos Sarmiento
$12.8 B82
Stefano Pessina Net Worth
 Stefano Pessina
$12.7 B73Italy
Harold Hamm Net Worth
 Harold Hamm
$12.6 B69United States
Birgit Rausing Net Worth
 Birgit Rausing
$12.6 B
Gina Rinehart Net Worth
 Gina Rinehart
$12.6 B61Australia
Georgina Rinehart Net Worth
 Georgina Rinehart
$12.6 B61Australia
Roman Abramovich Net Worth
 Roman Abramovich
$12.5 B48Russia
Alain and Gerard Wertheimer Net Worth
 Alain and Gerard Wertheimer
$12.4 B
Hans Rausing Net Worth
 Hans Rausing
$12.4 B88
Alain Wertheimer Net Worth
 Alain Wertheimer
$12.4 BFrance
Stephen Schwarzman Net Worth
 Stephen Schwarzman
$12.2 B68United States
Masayoshi Son Net Worth
 Masayoshi Son
$12.1 B57Japan
Joseph Safra Net Worth
 Joseph Safra
$12 BBrazil
Philip Anschutz Net Worth
 Philip Anschutz
$12 B75United States
The Olayan family Net Worth
 The Olayan family
$12 B
Richard Kinder Net Worth
 Richard Kinder
$11.7 B70United States
Elon Musk Net Worth
 Elon Musk
$11.7 B43
Vladimir Lisin Net Worth
 Vladimir Lisin
$11.5 B58Russia
Klaus-Michael Kuehne Net Worth
 Klaus-Michael Kuehne
$11.5 B78Germany
Steve Cohen Net Worth
 Steve Cohen
$11.4 B58United States
Steven Cohen Net Worth
 Steven Cohen
$11.4 B58United States
Leonid Mikhelson Net Worth
 Leonid Mikhelson
$11.3 B59Russia
Lui Che Woo Net Worth
 Lui Che Woo
$11.3 B85China
Joseph Lau Net Worth
 Joseph Lau
$10.9 BChina
Carlos Alberto Sicupira Net Worth
 Carlos Alberto Sicupira
$10.9 BBrazil
Mohammed Al-Amoudi Net Worth
 Mohammed Al-Amoudi
$10.9 B68
Zong Qinghou Net Worth
 Zong Qinghou
$10.9 B69China
Dietrich Mateschitz Net Worth
 Dietrich Mateschitz
$10.8 B70
Gennady Timchenko Net Worth
 Gennady Timchenko
$10.6 B62Russia
Alberto Bailleres Net Worth
 Alberto Bailleres
$10.5 B
Charles Butt Net Worth
 Charles Butt
$10.5 B77United States
Leonard Lauder Net Worth
 Leonard Lauder
$10.5 B82United States
David Tepper Net Worth
 David Tepper
$10.4 B57United States
Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken Net Worth
 Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken
$10.3 B60
John Fredriksen Net Worth
 John Fredriksen
$10.3 B70
David de Rothschild Net Worth
 David de Rothschild
$10 B36United Kingdom
John Paulson Net Worth
 John Paulson
$10 B59United States
Peter Kramer Net Worth
 Peter Kramer
$10 B
Anthony Malkin Net Worth
 Anthony Malkin
$10 BUnited States
Dmitry Rybolovlev Net Worth
 Dmitry Rybolovlev
$9.9 B48Russia
He Xiangjian Net Worth
 He Xiangjian
$9.9 BChina
Hasso Plattner Net Worth
 Hasso Plattner
$9.8 B71Germany
Xavier Niel Net Worth
 Xavier Niel
$9.8 B47France
Vagit Alekperov Net Worth
 Vagit Alekperov
$9.8 B64Russia
Andrey Melnichenko Net Worth
 Andrey Melnichenko
$9.8 B43Russia
Gerard Wertheimer Net Worth
 Gerard Wertheimer
$9.8 BFrance
Petr Kellner Net Worth
 Petr Kellner
$9.7 B50
Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen Net Worth
 Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen
$9.6 B67
Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth
 Hiroshi Mikitani
$9.6 B52Japan
Ananda Krishnan Net Worth
 Ananda Krishnan
$9.6 B76
Mikhail Prokhorov Net Worth
 Mikhail Prokhorov
$9.6 B49Russia
Galen Weston Jr Net Worth
 Galen Weston Jr
$9.4 B42United States
Galen Weston Net Worth
 Galen Weston
$9.2 B74Canada
Elaine Tettemer Marshall Net Worth
 Elaine Tettemer Marshall
$9.2 B76United States
Patrick Soon-Shiong Net Worth
 Patrick Soon-Shiong
$9.2 B62United States