Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Leather Cleaner using Eggs!

Did you you know you can clean and protect leathers with egg whites? This is a trick that I have used to shine my boots while I was in the fire academy (Shout out to CRFA). Egg whites easily remove dirt and give your leather a beautiful shine. You can clean a variety of things with egg whites, such as couches, seats in your car, and belts. You can add essential oils if you want a good smell, but raw eggs are odorless. Compare the DvD with the thumb print to the shine of the boot!
You will need:
- A Sponge
- Eggs
*Optional* Water bottle
Step 1: Separate your Whites from your Yolk
You can do this any way you like. I personally use a water bottle. I do this by squeezing the water bottle, then, pressing it against the yolk I then release. This creates a suction and lifts the yolk away from the whites.
Step 2: Apply Egg Whites
Generously apply egg whites to your surface using the soft side of your sponge. Rub on the egg whites in a circular motion across the surface until the film disappears and you are left with a high gloss. Continue to generously use your egg whites. Rub it in and reapply. The abrasiveness of the egg will help remove the dirt. You will be left with a great shine. Eggs are odorless, but remember, you can always add essential oils if you want to use this on you cars interior or couch.
Enjoy your beautiful leather!